adventure ideas

- A warlord attacking the settlement to take cattle or supplies. If defeated, he offers his allegiance. His son may take revenge.

- A rival jarl wants to abduct the Lawspeaker, to give him the advantage of hosting the Althing. He gets his spies into place by pretending they are traders interested in doing business, and then trying to abduct the Lawspeaker.

- The undead obey the will of Winter, and attack the settlement during a Blood Moon. They seek to corrupt and destroy the food supply of the settlement, rather than slay people. Winter believes that if they are weakened, then the cold will slay them more readily.

- As Fall approaches, the Wild Men gather in greater number. Many come down from the hills and inland, and the great river to the south. They gather and harvest the fish of the rivers, and tell stories of the new men from the East. Many young warriors, seeking to gain greater status in the lodges, vow to push the men back into the sea that spawned them.

- Traveling about in boats during the winter season prompts the storm spirits to anger. They send great storms to smash boats and tumble homes. Driving rain and wind becomes colder freezing rain, then great blizzards. Hazards include ice demons, hungry forest predators, and the undead searching for the warmth of human flesh.

- Uthar Storm-master, wielder of Brightfire. Ship master and raider.

adventure ideas

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