Eyrrnsson's Saga

The Althing

September, Year 1

The settlement grows

The settlement is starting to look like a real town, with finished buildings and the beginnings of a defensive wall. Traders and envoys from distant settlements have arrived and made contact with the people of Jagerstead. Gaerhilm Blackhand has kept the tar kilns working steadily, and a small amount of bog iron is being gathered from nearby for smelting into iron bars.


Snaebjorn, a trader from Feirgrland to the northeast, brings tidings of war. Kjartan Swordsong and Hrok the Cruel are forcing violent conflict on an alliance of jarls lead by Thorgil the Heron. Thorgil has a source of iron, but no men to mine it, attacked on all sides as he is.

Ludin of Sigurdstead arrives from the north coast, bringing word of attacking tribes of wild men. He seeks allies to the south.

Argrim of Evinnrstead arrives from the south, bringing a gift of mead and artifacts raided from the Lavennir. He seeks to buy slaves, but is disappointed to find that there are none available.

Thorfinn Greatpurse is sent out

Thorfinn Greatpurse, uncle to Jarl Jager, is sent on a mission of exploration and trade aboard one of his great trading vessels. He is accompanied by 18 of the best warriors Jagerstead can provide, and the warrior priest Stymir Aegiersworn. He was to find a source of animal breeding stock (as the settlement is sorely depleted), and return by the date of the Althing.

The Rottargi tower is visited

Ulf Coalbiter, wizard and learned man of Jagerstead, requires a sanctum to pursue his studies. He has decided to claim the ruined Rottargi tower as his base of operations. The Jarl and a small expedition visit the tower, and find its previous occupants and all of their belongings cleared out, including the cleaned skulls that once graced the top of the battlements.

The Althing Assembles

Jarl Nightwolf, Jarl Sigurd, Snaebjorn (representing Jarl Thorgil) all attend. Chiseltooth and Aldwyn Brasshelm attend as guests, along with a number of their people. Aldwyn brings a hostgift to Jager in the form of a pair of good war horses: a stallion and a mare.

The issues discussed by the assembly include the dragon in the hills, the threat from the wild men, the ongoing war in Feirgrland, and a potential target of raids.

The long serpent Graganfir

Chiseltooth and Jarl Nightwolf both share what they know about the beast. It occupies an island at the center of a hidden lake amongst the hills, reachable only by boat. Men sent out to the island were seen carrying something large back to their boat before being slain with fire by the dragon. The serpent can swim quickly under the water, as well as being able to fly short distances. It has never been seen traveling outside of its valley during the winter.

Given what they know, Jarl Jager wishes to scout out the beasts home in the dead of winter. They are uncertain when a good time to attack the beast will be.

The threat of the wild men

Jarl Sigurd is under grave threat from hordes of warriors coming from the forest to the north. He seeks help in the form of spears, swords and men to wield them. He agrees to supply his peoples expertise in mining in exchange for aid in launching punitive expeditions aimed at destroying the wild men’s villages. This is planned for the spring, and will involve Jarl Jager traveling himself to Sigurdstead along with a third of his warriors.

War in Feirgrland

The Iron trade: Jagerstead will supply 20 men at a time to Jarl Thorgil to help him mine his iron, and Jarl Sigurd will provide a small number of specially trained men to train them. The iron will be sent to Jagerstead for processing and half returned to Thorgil. The remaining half is split between Sigurd and Jager.

Alliance: Thorgil will provide cattle breeding stock to Jarl Nightwolf and Jarl Jager in exchange for military aid should he be attacked by Kjartan or Hrok.

Raiding for fun and profit

The setup: Aldwyn Brasshelm offers a tempting target for a raid. His upstart cousin, “King” Rand of Stonehome, has been infringing on Brasshelm’s dream of dominion. King Rand has recently encroached on land claimed by Aldwyn Brasshelm, resulting in minor skirmishes between small bands of warriors and farmers, but little actual bloodshed. Many of the chieftains of the area are kneeling to King Rand, and a little embarrassment for Rand would be an opportunity for Aldwyn to poach some supporters from him.

The mission: Sail upriver to Stonehome, raid and pillage on King Rand’s doorstep, then get out before the soldiery arrives.

The payoff: Rand has recently converted to the worship of a foreign god from the far south, and has built a fine new temple for this foreign god. He has enough protection from the wild men and other Tumvar chieftains that he feels secure from attack. Several of his longest supporters also have their homes in close proximity to Stonehome, and these wealthy men no doubt have a good amount of portable wealth.


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