Most of the trees that directly surround the site you’ve chosen for your settlement are evergreens, of a few different types. I’ve given them some rough descriptive terms that you might think of looking at them.

Bloodbark – An evergreen with thick grey bark, with a corkey texture. The trunk is spotted with many small blisters, leaking a thick red resin. Its buds are large and edible, with a sweet taste, although they are relatively few this late in the season. The average tree of this type has a trunk roughly an armspan in diameter, and looks to be well over twice as tall as your longest ship, so probably about 200 feet tall. The lowest branches are just out of easy arms reach.

Greenhat – An evergreen with wrinkled brown, stringy bark. Few in number near the settlement, but in greater number further inland on the hill. These trees are roughly the same in height as bloodbark, but have no branches for the first 100 feet. The branches at the top form a very regular conic form, resembling a wizard’s pointed hat.

Beardbranch – Another evergreen, its branches resemble pleated beards, and have a strong cedary scent. Much like greenhat, they are found primarily inland. The trunks of many are greater than two arm-spans in diameter, and the tallest of them tower over the other trees. The large trees have almost no branches or foliage except at the very top, above the other trees, but the smaller specimens have more branches.

Other notable vegetation:

Some of the trees have large, round shelf-like mushrooms growing from one side, almost a foot and a half in diameter. This doesn’t seem to harm the tree.

The undergrowth is sparse in places, and thick in others. Many ferns are to be found. A few of the men sent to forage return with warnings of predatory plants with wide flat leaves, that snap closed when something enters their domain. They noted the bones of small animals nearby, but the plants don’t appear to be large enough to eat a man.


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