First contact with the Lodinnmen

When scouting the inland forested hills with Kabbi Red Shirt, Grizelda met a squirrel-like, tool-using creature. If it were to stand up straight, the top of its head would come just to her waist. It chattered squirrel noise at her and did not understand her words, but shared a meal and wrote paw prints in the dirt, pointing west before it left.

Tumvar descriptions of the Lodinnmen

Finngeir Far-Traveler was able to give limited question to the Tumvar chieftain of Fljotkastali (the river fort at the far western end of North Harbor), and among their questions was the matter of the winged woman they met in the Rottargi tower graveyard. After drawing pictures on the ground, the chieftain acknowledged that “wild mean” lived in the forests and hills, and that they could “change their shape into that of beasts, and have great dominion over the spirits.” He motioned that the wild men stood of a height to his chin, which was around the height of the winged woman but far taller than the squirrel creature.

The people of Jagerstead are not certain if the three different groups (squirrel-like, winged woman, and “wild men”) are in fact different, or if they are the same. For now, the term Lodinnmen is thus used to describe all of them.


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