inventory of ships

An inventory of ships available to the settlement, from smallest to largest:

  • Two Snekkja longships (pronounced “SNEK yuh”), 60’ long with 20 rowing benches. The shallowest draft of any ships in the fleet. Crew of 42.
  • One Drakkar longship, 90’ feet long with 30 rowing benches. Crew of 64.
  • Two large Gnaeffa longships(pronounced “NAFF uh”), 100’ long with 32 rowing benches. Crew of 70.
  • Five Langeknarr trade ships (pronounced “LANG nar”, measuring nearly 140’ long. They are deeper in the keel, higher in the sides and shorter than a comparable size longship. They are capable of carrying many tons of cargo (roughly 70 tons). Crew of 100.

Number of people in the settlement at this time:

788 men and women, all from the fleet that crossed the sea.

inventory of ships

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