Eyrrnsson's Saga


March to July, year 1

The fleet leaves the island of Godrey, tending towards the north and west. Jarl Jager leads the fleet at behest of the good King Eyrr. The Jarl’s uncle Thorfin Greatpurse accompanies the fleet, in his own vessel.

The first land sighted is a barren island with crumbling ruins, and a great galley shipwrecked in the sand. Barrels of pickled fish are recovered from the tower basement. After spotting portents of ill weather, they quickly abandon the island as a large waterspout forms in the north east.

The fleet skirts a Rottargi tower on an island to the south. Ships from the island give chase, but soon choose to pursue closer prey: a small fleet of vessels from Godrey, a good distance to the south.

A purple sail is sighted on the horizon, belonging to the lead vessel of Jarl Iarund Nightwolf’s fleet. They parley, making arrangement for alliance should they meet in the new world. The fist-fighting braggart Erik makes eyes at Iarund’s daughter. A cask of pickled fish is traded for three young goats.

A blood moon rises, and the spirits of the dead ascend from the ocean depths to attack the fleet. They are defeated and cast back into the sea with little in the way of casualties. The following morning, one of the goats is sacrificed to Aegir, god of the sea. His great hand shelters the fleet during a terrible storm from the northeast the next day. There are no casualties from the storm.

In early July, land is sighted on the eastern horizon. Sailing along the coast, the fleet discovers a sheltered harbor along a wooded coast. The coast they explore contains tall timber, strong cold streams, and bountiful wildlife. The weather is warm and fair.

A watch-post is set up on a tall hill overlooking the coast, and the boats are hauled up onto the beaches. Several areas of ruined stone structures are discovered. The ruins appeared to have been burned, and there is little sign of any bones or abandoned weapons. The Jarl and his council decide to make their initial settlement there, and explore further in the near future.


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